Love Wins | Chrome Extension

Concept Development, Innovation, Project Management

Love Wins | Chrome Extension


Background With Pride just around the corner, Connector wanted to show our support for the LGBT community in an innovative and effective way. Noting the high levels of LGBT hate all over the internet, we decided to block out the hate and harness the love.


Connector created a Google chrome extension called #LoveWins, which replaces any homophobic or transphobic slurs online with positive, loving adjectives that celebrate what people in the community truly are; proud, courageous, fearless and friendly.


The project got coverage in 24 countries achieving over 1.4 million impressions. It also helped position Connector as a very positive place to work. The ROI was phenomenal for a one day internal project.


Agency: Connector – Dublin, Ireland
Role: Concept Development, Digital Strategy & Project Management


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