O Boticário


O Boticário


O Boticário is the biggest Brazilian cosmetic company. It has 3.755 stores in Brazil, Portugal, Mexico, Bolivia, Peru, United States, Paraguay, Japan, France and Venezuela. O Boticário is the largest cosmetic franchise in the world.


Creative Planner focused on revealing social insights and developing campaigns to drive key business goals while constantly raising the bar on creativity

Key Responsibilities

Planning, reporting and offering strategic guidance to leverage best practices within critical agency areas such as digital listening, data analysis, influencers marketing with a particular eye for revealing consumer behavior, helping the brand connect with customers in an impactful way through creative campaigns.


Growth from 500,000 to 3,500,000 Million followers and 3x higher share of conversation than Avon and key competitors.

O Boticário

Agency: Polvora – São Paulo, Brazil
Role: Digital Strategy


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