Uniphar – Future of Health

Data Analysis, Strategy

Uniphar – Future of Health


Uniphar Group is a growing Irish company which was formed in 1994 & employs over 500 people. Uniphar Group consists of different divisions operating within the healthcare & health related sector. €1.1 billion turnover.


Uniphar is an Irish pharmaceutical company with one eye constantly fixed on the future of healthcare. Uniphar wanted to future-proof its business and sought insight into what impact future trends would have on patients, medical provisions and healthcare.


Using quantitative and qualitative methodologies followed by extensive data research and analysis, I mapped major future themes and signals of transformational change and developed various future scenarios in the healthcare industry. Uniphar used this report for future strategy and business planning


Connector did a research project and brainstorm for our management team entitled ‘The Future of Health’. It was well researched, well presented and very well received by all who attended. We would have no hesitation recommending Connector as future thinkers who can help clients open their minds to new ideas.

Michael Downes – Chief Digital Officer, Uniphar Plc.


Agency: Connector – Dublin, Ireland Role: Digital Strategy & Future Studies


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